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Welcome to Ribeiro Fabril

Founded in 1977, aimed at the production of plastic products for low voltage electrical installations. With great receptivity in the market, Ribeiro Fabril's products have gained consumer confidence, and this has led us to expand our product mix.

 Aware of the responsibility towards customers, we expanded our facilities.

  Today, in an area of ​​more than 10,000 m², we develop new products and maintain a rigorous quality control program to serve an increasingly demanding market.

     Our customers are confident of our ability to respond promptly, whether in the processing of information, or in the immediate delivery of ordered products.

Own fleet for delivery or redispatch

Very high quality industrial machinery

Preocupação com o meio ambiente para reuso de plásticos

Automated production process and guaranteed quality of our products

We serve throughout the whole national territory

Internal development of new products

Reciclagem de materiais com tratamento de efluentes próprios

Own product creation and development process

Our entire line of products ready for delivery

Own effluent treatment accredited by CETESB

A Ribeiro Fabril é uma empresa que respeita o Meio Ambiente

Proud to be a 100% Brazilian Industry

Its actions are always based on performance objectives and goals and consistent compliance with applicable legislation and commitments assumed, aiming at sustainable development, whether environmental, social or economic.

     Proud to be a 100% Brazilian company, prioritizing our partners and valuing the National Industry that for more than 40 years has helped Brazil to grow.
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It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Direct/PABX: (19) 3636-1919  /  (19) 3624-1919


(19) 97134-2947

(19) 97104-5459

(19) 99688-8393 



Lázaro Ribeiro Av, 500.

Industrial District.

São João da Boa Vista - SP

Zip Code: 13.877-760

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